The Estate

Our history

At the beginning of the 20th century and more specifically in 1909, the two great families of Mouzalas and Vasiliou unite and create the Olive Mill in Skala Loutra.

Until 1940, it operated as an olive press, and after 45 years of abandonment, Panagiotis Tzanetos visited the place where his parents originated from. In 1985, he decided to buy it and convert it into a hotel and event space.

In 1989, as a hotel now, it takes its name from a country in Africa, Congo, known as the Democratic Republic of Zaire, where the owner grew up, and it is called Zaira.

The central hall with the  hearth, where the reception is located today and where breakfasts are served, used to be the mill with an enormous grinding mechanism that still exists to this day.

In the outdoor area surrounding it, there are 18 stone-built rooms, where barrels stored the olives of each producer, one of which is two stories high, where the overseer of the olive mill resided and now serves as the hotel suite.

Thus, the Zaira Hotel was created in the embrace of the bay of Geras, next to the small port of Skala Loutro, overlooking Perama and the hill with the chapel of “Panagia tis Ypsilous”. Since then, it has been writing its own history in the hospitality industry, leaving a deep imprint in the memory of both the local community and its foreign visitors.

Welcome to Zaira hotel